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Reformed Theology Sola Fide

This discussion happened on February 6th 2020 and revolved around the second video by Dr. RC Sproul on the doctrine of Faith Alone. We are a group of men who would love to start a Reformed Church in Lewis County in the Centralia or Chehalis WA area. Join us on our quest to bring glory to God in our community!

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Reformed Theology Sola Scriptura

Reformation Roundtable #3 is here. We dive into the teaching of RC Sproul on Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide. Join us as we seek to plant a robust reformed church in Lewis County. If you would like to join our meetings or have a similar view to seeing the joy of the reformed faith come to Centralia, WA or Chehalis WA reach out to me via email –> joecstout AT gmail DOT com

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Reformational Identities

As we seek to plant a reformed church in Lewis County, Washington, we first must establish common foundational grounds as it relates to theology and ecclesiology. On January 23rd, 2020 we gathered to discuss Chapter 2 of Douglas Wilsons book “Mother Kirk” titled “Reformational Identity.” I highly recommend you buy the book but here is the link to the chapter we discussed…

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